What is GAT?

In addition to having hopes and dreams, it is important to know yourself and gauge your professional aptitude. In career planning, this constitutes the first step to self-analysis and the job search itself. GAT or General Aptitude Test is a professional aptitude test designed by Jetking’s team of experts. GAT evaluates a student’s ability to carry out professional duties and activities, and degrees of aptitude for different types of work. The test aims at accurately assessing the student’s potential ability and personality, findings that can be used to determine the choice of career for him/her.

Who should take GAT?

Students pursuing graduation in Class First year, Second year, Third year or final year.

What does GAT test?

GAT evaluates the student’s abilities in areas such as Verbal Reasoning (your language and communication proficiency), Logic & Reasoning (your capacity to reason logically) and Numerical Ability (your mathematical ability).

Verbal Ability :

GAT assesses your ability to understand written information and make reasoned conclusions through the verbal reasoning test. Your knowledge of the written and spoken language acquires critical importance across a wide range of careers from legal careers, to engineering, consulting, to civil service and more.

Logic & Reasoning :

Logical reasoning is the capacity of judging reality and solving problems. This section in GAT will test your ability to draw sound conclusion based on a general rule or perceived patterns. Logic & Reasoning is used in everyday life and is therefore practical to a work place environment.

Numerical Ability :

Along with verbal and logical reasoning, numerical reasoning ability is considered to be a very important skill for close to a hundred occupations such as accountancy, management analyst and other such professions. To that end, testing Numerical Ability can be a big help for students in determining whether they have what is needed for a specific role, by measuring their ability to use and respond to numerical data.

What will be the Test Outcome?

Students will be able to use the GAT results to choose careers in which they are most likely to succeed. GAT helps you to identify your strengths, weaknesses and natural abilities. Our career counselors can help you use this information in deciding on your career path. Take the GAT and find out how you fare – walk in to a Jetking Learning Center today.